Our Team

Katheren Leitner, CE Asthma New Zealand

Katheren has been heavily involved in the innovation and entrepreneurial sectors and has a number of directorships including, Chair of the NZ Institute of Management board, past Chair and current board member of the YMCA, and board member of Papakura Netball.

Ann Wheat, Nurse Educator 

Ann is originally from the UK and trained as a nurse and midwife in the 1970’s at Auckland Hospital, eventually becoming a Practice Nurse. Ann joined Asthma Auckland in 2002, having completed the Asthma NZ/Unitec Asthma course, and has since completed her COPD Nursing Course. In 2005, Ann also gained her Bachelor of Nursing Degree.

Janet Hutchison, Nurse Educator
Janet has been with Asthma Auckland for almost 8 years. She has extensive community experience, including practice nursing, family planning, school nursing, health visiting and teaching in High Schools.

Elaine Murray, Nurse Educator 
Elaine has been with Asthma Auckland for 10 years. Prior to this, she worked for 25 years in aged care, as a Charge Nurse and Manager of a Dementia Unit.

Jee Ho Rodriguez, Accounts Administrator 
Jee Ho has been with Asthma Auckland for over 10 years. 

Swarna Hemachandra, Fundraising Co-ordinator 
Swarna joined Asthma New Zealand/ Auckland Asthma Society in 2000 as an Asthma Nursing Course Administrator having completed the Certificate in Business Administration & Computing.  Since then she joined the fundraising team as well.

Thelma Wilson, Administrator
Thelma has worked for Asthma Rotorua as admin support for 6 years.

Adie Riddell, Nurse Educator
Adie joined the Wellington branch 7 years ago.  She comes from a strong background in Public Health and holds the belief that we should be leading the charge from the ‘top’ of the cliff rather than the bottom by providing robust health education.

Anne Couper, Nurse Educator 
Anne has been working for Asthma Wellington since September, 2017.  She is a a latecomer to nursing, finishing her training in 2009 and subsequently  working as a practice nurse. 

Kim Jansen, Business Support/Health Promotion 
Kim has been with Asthma Wellington for six and a half years, originally as the Administrator/Fundraiser and more recently in the role of Business Support/Health Promotion. She has an extensive background in administration and is passionate about health and fitness, spending a number of years in the fitness industry.

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