General Committee

Asthma New Zealand General Committee Members

Robert Muir
Having several friends suffer chronic asthma inspired Robert to become involved in the organisation, an association that spans more than a decade. He first joined Asthma Auckland in 2004 and became a committee member in the same year. Robert is now into his fourth term as president, and is also on the Board of the Auckland Asthma Charitable Trust. As a company director with an import and distribution business, Robert brings strong management and business skills to his Asthma Auckland, Asthma NZ and AECT roles.

Dr Zahra Champion


Zahra is a highly experienced senior leader who is also experienced in developing robust governance frameworks for the establishment of advisory Boards, research institutes and committees.   As the CEO of NZBIO, Zahra is encouraging scientific collaboration both nationally and internationally to create partnerships driving innovation, competitiveness and sustainability that add value to our New Zealand export market. A number of Zahra's family members have asthma, and she became involved with us because she was interested in giving back to the community by utilising her science and business background.  

Richard Inder
Richard Inder Richard runs his own investor and financial media relations consultancy, providing advice to the boards and senior management teams of a broad spectrum of NZX-listed companies. He is a former business journalist (including a former New Zealand Herald business editor and columnist).
Richard has expertise in finance,  communications and marketing and impeccable links with the news media and corporate sector. Richard has asthma himself but does not let it get in the way of a busy and active lifestyle.
Greg Banks
Greg Banks Greg's wide financial and managerial experience, which encompasses both commercial and voluntary organisations, is invaluable to the Asthma Auckland board. He is currently on the Board of two New Zealand companies and is the Chief Financial Officer of an international Swiss-based co-operative. Greg's grandfather and his son both suffered from asthma, giving him first-hand experience of how much it can affect day-to-day life.
David Walton
David Walton David is a lawyer who has been in practice both overseas and in New Zealand for well over a decade. A strong commercial law and business sustainability background means David's skills are being put to excellent use for Asthma Auckland's benefit. At present David is Rothbury Group's General Manager - Underwriting Agencies, and Senior Legal Counsel. Following a professional association with Asthma Auckland, David became involved because he wanted to give back to the community.
Greg Halse
Greg Halse Asthma Auckland Greg is an Administration/ Field/Funding Officer at the Rotorua Prisoners Aid & Rehabilitation Society. Despite not having asthma, it is a condition he feels strongly about so he has been involved with the asthma movement for more than two decades, initially with Asthma Rotorua and, since 2002, with Asthma NZ. Greg brings valuable skills from extensive involvement in the not-for-profit sector, including Community Rotorua membership, and a 30-year membership of Lifelink/Samaritans.
Steven Heath

Steven joined the Asthma Wellington board in 2014 and when elected vice president the following year joined Asthma NZ's General Committee.

 After spending most of the 1990s working in Canada in the advertising and Internet industries, Steven returned to New Zealand in 1999.  Since then he has held management consulting and ICT roles, including Ernst & Young and in the public sector the office of the Government CIO, Inland Revenue and the Domain Name Commission.

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